Sunday, 24 June 2012

Old A3 Route

I had heard that the Old A3 had since been turned into a foot and cycle path after the opening of the A3 Tunnel around the Hindhead Lights area. I have just got back from the test ride and is fair to say - not suitable for a road bike. Thankfully I had set out this morning on my (winter) Touring bike, which is built to deal with such situations as I faced today.

The ride was a good one and sampling the Old A3 route around the beauty spot that is The Devils Punch Bowl - part of the National Trust - was breath taking as usual. The difference this time I was not speeding down the A3 towards Thursley, I happen to be taking it easy on the foot/cycle path. However, as much as this was a great route, there is pedestrian traffic and youngsters on bikes (well there was today). I would suggest its well worth a visit and a ride, but be aware of the others on the path; more so than normal - particularly if heading downhill.

Again the weather has had a lot to say for the state of the roads around this way and mud, sand, twigs and big puddles made for a slightly slower ride - gave me more chance to take the scenery in which was brilliant!

A good scenic ride.

London to Brighton

So training is now underway with my wife, Lucie, as she has signed up for her second charity ride of the year. The classic London to Brighton - which I still have not cycled. Quite jealous.

We have a training plan set out, which Lucie has put together based on her requirements and so far we have completed two training rides. One dry and one damp-wet. Both on the same route and 10miles long. We shall cycle a far longer route Sunday, then reduce down for the evening rides during the weekdays.

I still have not committed to any rides as yet, but there is an Evans Cycles Ride it! event taking place in July around the Hampshire area. I have my eye on this 60 or 90 miles.

Have not blogged for sometime as lack of time, work and family issues have meant I couldn't sit down to right. Essentially not enough hours in the day.

Going to complete a big ride Sunday before venturing out again with Lucie late afternoon to cover some more big miles. I'm certain that cycling has become an addictive rewarding sport. Recommend it to anyone!